**YY** KawaiiPanda For ToddleeDoos

Hiya all you kawaii kids!

So after a few requests, I’ve made the Mesh outfit for kids, Kawaii Panda, for ToddleeDoos. I hope that you all like it!

**YY** KawaiiPanda - ToddleeDoo

 Kawaii Panda ToddleeDoo
Price: 100L
♥ Mesh Panda Hat w/ resizer
♥ Sculpted Skirt w/ resizer
♥ Sculpted Sweater Bottom w/ Mod Rights
♥ Sculpted Sweater Cuffs w/ resizer
♥ Mesh Ugg Boots w/ resizer
♥ ToddleeDoo Hud for Sweater/Tights
(Can wear on both loose and tight options)
Comes in 6 different colors!!

Be sure to join the **YanYan** group in world for future updates and group gifts!
Two hunts are fast approaching and will be coming in world Oct 1st!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orchid%20Hill/89/193/21 – In World Store
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123987 – Market Place Store


**YY** Kawaii Panda Mesh Outfits!

**YanYan Designs**
Kawaii Panda Mesh Outfits!
Price: 150L Per Outfit

It’s just about that time to pull out your sweaters and jackets, fall and winter are quickly approaching! And what better way to get excited then to get something soft, cuddly and kawaii!

Outfit Includes:
♥ Panda Hat – Non-Rigged Mesh w/ Resize Script
♥ Panda Sweater – Rigged Mesh w/ 3 sizes (XS,S,M)
♥ Layered Skirt – Rigged Mesh w/ 3 sizes (XS,S,M)
♥ Matching Stockings
♥ Slip On Flats w/ Resize Script

Get it here!

Flower Cutie Outfit for ToddleeDoo’s

Usa-Chan here!

I’ve converted another one of my [Kawaii Desu] outfits for tiny tots into ToddleeDoo! I hope that you all like it ^^

[Kawaii Desu] FlowerCutie ToddleeDoo

♥Outfit Includes♥
♥ Chest Bows♥
♥Sculpted Shirt Bottom♥
♥Sculpted Short Cuffs♥
♥Matching Slip-On Shoes♥

Price: 150L
6 Color Options
Avaiable only on market place!

Hope you lil toddlers like it! See ya soon!

Usa-chan ♥


[Kawaii Desu] and YanYan

Usa-chan here!

I have decided to convert some of my Tiny Tot items into ToddleDoo. I will be uploading them onto the [Kawaii Desu] marketplace until we can get a store going in world for YanYan. Please feel free to stop by and check it out!


[KD] Country Love ToddleDoo Outfit
Price: 150L
♥ Custom ToddleDoo Hud
♥ Dress Flexi Prims w/Bow
♥ Bloomers
♥ Chest Buttons
♥ Matching Slip On Shoes

More stuff coming soon! Mason-kun will be releasing Super Hero Outfits soon!

With love,

YanYan Designs

We are so proud to present to all the Mesh Baby Avatars of Second Life a new clothing store!

Specializing in Yabusaka and ToddleeDoo clothes for boys and girls!

Brought to you by Eriya Constantine (Usami) and Alaydn Resident (Mason), YanYan will be sure to surprise everyone with the amount of cuteness it has in store! We are very excited to get this started.

With this blog we hope to keep everyone updated with new products and even do a few fashion blogs! Cause everyone knows, it’s hard to figure out where to get some cute, cheap stuff! Every kid in Second Life deserves to be adorable, we’re just here to help you along your way!

Be sure to subscribe cause lots of updates are in store!!

With love!
Usa-Chan and Mason-Kun ♥